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Real Estate News ... Real Estate Still Booming . . . Hi everyone! Our local real estate market is still booming.  There is almost NO inventory. Many homes are being sold off market.  The ones that do hit the market are mostly going pending in the first couple of days.  If you’re a buyer, I do have strategies to get the “win” … it’s not always […]
Real Estate News ... Market Update Hi everyone! This may come as a surprise but between COVID and the fires, the real estate market is booming in Santa Cruz.  Many homes selling off market.  Days on market is really low.  Some homes in Santa Cruz have sold 30% over list – all cash . . . it’s hard to compete.  But […]
Real Estate News ... Many Buyers Embracing New Norm … Just as the Zillow graphic below suggests we are finding these trends to be true.  Not just the desire but action . . . Local agents and lenders are reporting that buyers aren’t waiting any longer to buy their dream homes in Santa Cruz.  Faced with an uncertain future, super low interest rates, and the […]
Real Estate News ... Increase your POW- power . . . your purchasing power, that is. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low.  Late last week they were 1 point less than last year at this same time.  Local lender Brian Dean of Opes Advisors said in our weekly market meeting that this 1 point difference increases your purchasing power by thousands of dollars! It’s true that home prices may drop […]
Real Estate News ... Real Estate to Resume with Safety Precautions … Just a heads up! With the newest order by the Santa Cruz Health Services Agency, the powers that be have relaxed restrictions on real estate even more.  Here is the press release from yesterday: Essentially, other than open houses or broker’s tours, agents and affiliates can resume business while observing  COVID-19 guidelines for health […]
Real Estate News ... It’s not as bad as you think . . . Hey folks, it’s Monday morning and we are on Day 42 of the Santa Cruz SIP.  Here is a chart comparing some of last year’s data to this year.  There are less listings and less solds and more cancellations and more withdrawns.  But real estate is definitely still happening.  There are many properties selling.  There […]
Real Estate News ... No more paper . . . In this new world of coronavirus, we’ve had to adapt and change.  Some things are for the better and likely here to stay.  I’ve moved all of my business on-line.  We can meet on Zoom, sign all agreements and disclosures on-line, see homes virtually, and I’m creating eco-flyers now too.  Instead of a bunch of […]
Real Estate News ... NEW LISTING – Affordable living in Marina! I love this home! Nicely remodeled with an urban flair.  I love the low counter in the kitchen with butcher block top, such a cool space to hang out and work.  I work a lot!  You could eat a meal there too or sit at the other bar or put a table in the living […]
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Real Estate News ... Girl scouts, boy scouts and real estate . . . Real estate is happening!  Buyers are buying.  And sellers are selling. Yep, even right now. But many folks are putting a pause on any real estate activity, which is totally understandable. But even while you are sheltering in place, there is so much you can do. If you are a buyer, get pre-approved.  If you […]
Real Estate News ... Good time to sell? Inventory is very low. Worried you missed the best time to sell?  Guess what? Inventory is historically low, not just for this time of year, but for ANY time of year.  In fact, records going back to 2002 say the inventory of homes in Santa Cruz county has never been lower than it is right now.  See graph below. […]
Real Estate News ... The Real Estate Market Today Hi folks, you are probably wondering (well, maybe not . . . ) how the real estate market is going.  Well . . . it’s going about how many things business are going during COVID-19.  Spring is usually a very busy time for real estate and this year started out very strong.  However, as you […]
Real Estate News ... Celebrating 40 years! So proud to be part of this team.
Real Estate News ... Interesting times . . . These are interesting times my friends. Like many of you, some things I’ve been meaning to do, I’m now doing out of necessity.  Switching my website from one provider to another has been on my list for a long time, but NOW seems like a great time to cut down on any unneeded expenses.  Hence […]