Real Estate News ... May 1, 2020

Real Estate to Resume with Safety Precautions …

Just a heads up! With the newest order by the Santa Cruz Health Services Agency, the powers that be have relaxed restrictions on real estate even more.  Here is the press release from yesterday:
Essentially, other than open houses or broker’s tours, agents and affiliates can resume business while observing  COVID-19 guidelines for health and safety.  This includes the showing of occupied homes.
Having moved all of my business on-line already, I will still be trying to facilitate what I can on-line (the order does require that anyway), but I now can go to a client’s home to see it first-hand and give advice, etc.  I would wear a mask and ask anyone present to wear a mask and we would still stay at least 6 feet apart, etc.  Or clients can open the house for me and remain outside while I’m inside, that kind of thing.
Basically, this is great news for anyone attempting to buy or sell real estate right now.  As always, I’ll keep you posted on the latest.  If you have any questions or need help with anything, real estate or otherwise, please let me know.